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We are one of India’s largest growers and suppliers of flowers. We grow and supply the widest range of flowers like Fresh, Ornamental, Exotic, Locally grown, Farm fresh, and Imported Flowers than other growers and suppliers in India. Likewise, we have been in the flowersbusiness for over five years with 5000+ satisfied customers and has become renowned for the quality of our beautiful flowers. Our vision is to grow exotic flowers locally in India rather than importing them; this will help to contribute to the economy. Furthermore, we aim to provide a much wider range of ornamental flowers for our florists to work with, in their decorations and arrangements. We are one of the few farms in India that grow authentic European flowers locally in our farms in Ooty and Kodaikanal. This has been made possible through our partnerships and relationships with major Dutch and Israeli companies. Some of our partnerships include Danziger, VWS Flower bulbs, Kapiten, and many more!