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about us
We are one of India’s largest growers and suppliers of a wide range of flowers like Fresh, Ornamental, Exotic, Locally grown, Farm fresh, and Imported Flowers than other growers and suppliers in India. Likewise, we have been in the flowers business for over five years with 5000+ satisfied customers and have become renowned for the quality of our beautiful flowers. Our vision is to grow exotic flowers locally in India rather than importing them, and also in our own way contribute to the economy. Furthermore, we aim to provide a much wider range of ornamental flowers for our florists to work with, in their decorations and arrangements. We are one of the few farms in India that grow authentic European flowers locally in our farms in Ooty and Kodaikanal. This has been made possible through our partnerships and relationships with major Dutch and Israeli companies. Some of our partnerships include Danziger, VWS Flower bulbs, Kapiten, and many more!
our process
Flowers from our farm are harvested every evening and sent to our distribution centre in Bangalore from where we ship them to every major city in India. At our distribution centre, our trained staffs carefully check the flowers to ensure they are of the best quality and pack them to suit the needs of our customers.We have a great team working through the week to provide for all the orders placed at any time. Our customers love to order with us because, at Windsor Flora, our customers are our priority, and we always strive to fulfil every order, big or small, night or day. Every customer of ours is treated equally and is always delivered with the best quality flowers.
why choose us
With over five years and 5000+ satisfied customers, we have become renowned for the quality and service we provide.
We have our farms on Ooty and Kodaikanal and are also associated with some renowned farms to cater to your every need.
Our team of experts on the farm and in the office are available round the clock to fulfil your order in the time you need it.
beautiful flowers
"We have been buying from Windsor Flora for 3 months. Every time we have got the most beautiful flowers, that worked perfectly for our decorations."
Amazing team
"Kuddos!! to the Windsor Flora team. I had a very last minute order on a Saturday evening, but they managed to deliver my entire order within 24 hours."
"The prices are unbelievable compared to others in the market. The flowers are also very fresh and they have a much longer life."
We grow Ornamental and Exotic flowers in all seasons in our farms in Ooty and Kodaikanal and dispatch from our office in Bangalore for better logistics. Weddings, Events, Decorations, Florists; we supply to all.
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